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Shipping and Processing

Where do you ship to?

Worldwide! We ship to just about every country available with Australia Post. Due to COVID-19, some countries and destinations may have been temporarily suspended by Australia Post. We apologise if we are not able to ship to your destination. If you’re having trouble finding shipping options to your country, please send us an email at, and we’ll be in touch to help you!

How much does shipping cost?

At Brew Methods, we want to keep shipping costs down as much as possible while providing you with a speedy and reliable delivery service. We offer a $10 domestic flat-rate shipping within Australia. Shipping is calculated in the cart prior to check-out. We proudly ship with Australia Post exclusively to provide you with the best service possible.

Some items may be excluded from our $10 flat-rate domestic shipping if they are too large or too heavy, this will be indicated in the item’s product description. Additionally, a high number of items may be excluded from our $10 flat-rate domestic shipping and may be subject to a price adjustment. You will be notified by email if this is the case and you will have the option of a refund if you don’t wish to proceed.

We offer a number of shipping options at checkout. Prices will vary depending on the numbers of items, product weight and size, shipping option, and destination.

Please note, Economy Air postage does not include tracking.

How long will shipping take?

At Brew Methods, we seek to handle every order with the utmost care and efficiency. All orders are packed and dispatched within 1 – 3 business days from receiving the order. Tracking is provided with all shipments (except Economy Air) with which you will be provided with an estimated date of delivery.

Domestic deliveries will usually arrive within 1 – 4 business days from placing the order. Please allow some time from placing your order to receive tracking updates from the carrier, especially if you have placed your order on a weekend or public holiday.

Due to COVID-19 there may be delays in delivery time, we sincerely apologise if your parcel has been delayed.

Unfortunately we do not provide delivery date estimates on checkout. Please note projected delivery times are estimates only and subject to change.

How do I track my order?

Tracking details will be sent to you via email after we have processed your order. You will first receive an email with confirmation that we have received your order, you will then receive an email that your order has been processed and collected by the carrier. This email will contain your tracking details.

Tracking is only available with Standard and Express Post, the Economy Air option does not include tracking. Economy Air is a more affordable shipping solution, but therefore does not include tracking.

If you have just placed your order, please allow some time to receive tracking details, especially if you placed your order on a weekend or public holiday.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

Can I Refund/Exchange my item?

Yes you can! We take pride in every product that we sell, but we understand that sometimes it may fall short on your expectations or you may have ordered the wrong item by mistake. For whatever reason, we are happy to provide you with a full refund/exchange.

To be eligible to receive a refund/exchange, you must notify us by email within 14 days from receiving your item/s. The item/s must be returned unused, unbroken, and in their original packaging. We will instruct you on how to return your item/s by email.

Please note, we are not responsible for shipping costs of returned items or damage during transit of returned items.
Upon receiving your returned item/s, we will assess the condition and notify you by email if approved. If approved, we will refund you or ship your exchanged items using the details you provided during your purchase.

Refunds will usually take 3 – 10 business days to appear in your bank account. Various banks may take longer to process your refund.
Please note, refunds and exchanges are not available on items that you purchased on sale or food items such as tea or coffee.

If you wish to refund or exchange your item/s, please email us at

What if my item is broken, damaged, or not working?

While we do our best to ensure that your items are handled with the utmost care, sometimes things can go wrong and accidents can happen during transit. If your item has arrived broken, damaged, or not working, please notify us via email within 3 days from receiving your item/s.

Please provide a thorough description of the issue and send us at least three photos showing the damage on each item. We may ask you for more information to assist with our assessment. We will do our best to assess the item/s quickly and send you a replacement as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied with a replacement, you are eligible to receive a full refund/exchange of your item/s.
Please note, some items (particularly hand-made ceramics), can vary slightly in size, shape, and colour from each other.

Only broken, damaged, or not working items are eligible for replacement/refund/exchange.

Some items such as electronics may take longer to assess as this requires putting in a claim with the manufacturer. We may ask you to return certain items so that a manufacturer’s assessment can be carried out. If this is the case, we will provide you with a paid return-to-sender slip.

Some items come with a manufacturer’s warranty upon purchase which will require you to contact the manufacturer directly and put in a claim.

We apologise for any delays this may cause and we will do our best to get your item back to you or issue you with a refund/exchange as soon as possible!

If your item is broken, damaged, not working please email us at

Can I change my order?

Yes you can, but only if we have not shipped your item yet. If you have accidentally purchased the wrong item, please email us immediately at with details of your purchase and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

Coffee/Coffee Subscription

What is Brew Methods Home?

Brew Methods Home is a coffee subscription – freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your door each month. Each box contains 1 bag of our signature Hinata Filter Blend + 1 bag of micro-lot coffee, in either 2 x 150 grams or 2 x 250 grams, depending on your desired volume.

How is the coffee roasted?

Brew Methods Home is exclusively roasted for filter, meaning the roasting style is designed to complement filter coffee brewing methods. It’s typically lighter, helping to bring out the coffee’s natural characteristics. We currently do not offer any Espresso roasted coffee.

Where is your coffee roasted?

All of our coffee is sourced and roasted in-house by our team in Melbourne. Every batch that we roast is thoroughly tasted and evaluated for quality prior to dispatch. All of our coffee is roasted 1 – 2 days prior to dispatch to assure maximum freshess by the time it reaches you. If for some reason you’re dissatisfied with your coffee, please let us know and we’re happy to address it.

When will I be charged?

Brew Methods Home runs on a monthly direct debit billing cycle, set to the 1st of every month. If you purchased or wish to purchase a Brew Methods Home subscription, you will not be charged until the next billing cycle. The first charge is display on the product page, and you can also view your billing cycles, update payment methods in Your Account > Subscriptions.

If your card declines, you will receive a notification from us prompting you to update your payment method. If we do not receive payment from you within 5 days of the billing cycle (1st of the month), you will be skipped that month.

When will I receive my coffee?

All Brew Methods Home orders are dispatched on the 5th day of each month, this allows customers a 5-day grace period to allocate funds should their card decline on the billing cycle (1st day of the month).
All orders are shipped exclusively with Australia Post. Domestic (Australia) orders typically arrive within 1 – 4 days, depending on your location. International orders may take 1 – 4 weeks to arrive, depending on your location.
Tracking is provided with every shipment.

How is the coffee packed?

Our coffee is packed in either 150 gram or 250 gram soft plastic bags, depending on your chosen volume and then placed inside a cardboard box. The bags are fully recyclable at any soft plastic recycling centre, and the box can be curb-side recycled.
Our coffee bags do not feature a one-way valve because the valves are made from hard plastic and therefore cannot be recycled. We do not heat-seal our bags so the beans can degas during transit. Our bags feature a sturdy zip-lock for reliable storage.

How long can my coffee last on the shelf?

We recommend consuming our coffee within 3 – 4 weeks from receiving it, however it has a shelf-life of up to 1 year. If you plan on storing your coffee for longer than the recommended period, we suggest storing it in an air-tight container away from sunlight, or vacuum-sealing and storing in your freezer.

Can I cancel, pause, or switch my subscription?

Yes, absolutely! You can cancel, pause, or switch your Brew Methods Home subscription at any time. Simply login to your account and navigate to the Subscription Tab. If you’re having trouble, please let us know at and we’re happy to assist.

Can I exchange or refund my coffee?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges or refunds on coffee and or any food product. If for some reason you are dissaisfied with your coffee, please email us at and we’ll happily address any issues.

Taxes and Customs

Do I have to pay tax or custom fees?

We have incorporated 10% Australian GST in the price on every one of our products in accordance with Australian Federal Law. However, your country may ask you to pay a tax, duties, or custom fees on products that you have purchased from our store when arriving in your country.

Please note, we are not responsible for any tax, duties, or custom fees associated with purchasing products from our store in your country.

We strongly urge you to check with your local government website or local customs office before making any purchases from our store.

Can you declare a lower item price to avoid customs fees?

We understand that some countries have very high custom fees, import taxes, and duties, however we cannot declare a lower item price or send an item as a gift.

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