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After years of working in the hospitality scene including hotels, restaurants, and cafes around the world—espresso-drinking friends Matt and Dom had a dream to bring specialty coffee to Sydney’s South.

In the early 2000’s, Dom worked in many of Sydney’s finest cafes and trained alongside World Barista Champion Paul Basset. Matt, an already-experienced business owner and barista was navigating the adolescent specialty coffee industry.

In 2008, they opened their first café together – Flora Street Espresso, Sutherland (now a flagship) and shortly after established their roastery – White Horse Coffee. They have since opened a further two flagships around Sydney and wholesale supply to a long line of cafes across Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, and the NSW coast.

The White Horse Coffee team have been privileged to roast under the tutelage of world-renowned Instaurator at Michel’s Espresso, Paul Basset in Japan, and the incredible Scott Rao to help shape their procedures. Dom was also involved with the roasting and setup of the Paul Basset roastery in Japan.

As a coffee company, White Horse Coffee’s single goal is to keep each moment special. From plant to harvest—roasting to serving—specialty coffee is their labour of love. Sourcing and serving the best coffee they can get their hands on.

They’re humbled to have been voted among Sydney’s Best Specialty Coffee and have won numerous awards for their roasted coffee through Golden Bean and the Australian International Coffee Awards.

‘It’s no secret we love coffee. We love the romance, the aroma, and how the intricate flavours tell a story of the people and the place where it began. We love how it brings people together. When we started in coffee, there were no rockstar baristas or trendy espresso bars, people were just starting to tinker with coffee. We fell in love with coffee when it wasn’t as popular as it is today. When you have a passion stemming from that era, you will never lose it,’ says Dom.

We had the pleasure of meeting the White Horse Coffee team back in 2018 at Melbourne International Coffee Expo and taste some of their amazing coffee. White Horse Coffee and their café partners are a must visit on your itinerary of Australia’s best coffee – or if you’re dying to try some now, you can just grab a bag from their online store!





Established: 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

Website: https://whitehorsecoffee.com.au

Instagram: @whitehorsecoffee

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