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Welcome to Brew Methods

Welcome to Brew Methods’ first ever blog post, it’s great to finally be on the world wide web! Firstly, a big thank you to each and every one of you for supporting us this far, and to all the wonderful contributors that have helped make Brew Methods what it is today. We are truly excited about this next chapter of our journey and hope that you can come along for the ride!

In our news blog, you can expect anything from specialty coffee news, product reviews, brewing tips, how-to guides, and much much more! It is a culmination of our love for coffee, the tight knit community, and our passion for sharing knowledge. We aim to publish a new blog post every week so stayed tuned, and if you fancy- subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates!

It’s also worth addressing the peculiar structure above; which you’re probably wondering- it is our logo. As we’re celebrating a new milestone, we thought it’s time we added a bit of graphics to our identity. What does it mean? It’s open to interpretation. Thanks again for tuning in, and we really hope you enjoy the content!

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