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Style Coffee is a boutique coffee bar and roastery nestled in the former-imperial Kamigyo Ward of Kyoto Japan, founded by Takumi Kurosu.

Surrounded by rich Japanese heritage and quiet streets filled with traditional wooden structures, the minimal-esque roastery fits rights in. Style Coffee is an ode to the quintessential culture encompassing Kyoto – known for its grace, modest beauty, and attention to detail. 

Having spent some time working as a barista in the bustling coffeeopolis of Melbourne city, Takumi-san grew a passion for coffee and community, and upon his return to Japan endeavored to learn more about the craft. 

Landing a gig as a roasting assistant at Weekenders Coffee, Takumi-san quickly broadened his knowledge and soon after combined his love for people and his skills on the roaster to open Style Coffee in 2019.

Takumi-san believes that something as simple as our sense of smell and taste can take us on a journey that is truly magical, and he aims to reflect that through Style Coffee, where you might just discover the magic for yourself.

Style coffee is a simple space with few furnishings. It takes the less is more approach. A sensory bar with natural woods and clean white walls create a blank canvas for the mind to drift off and fully immerse in the coffee experience objectively. 

Takumi-san roasts the coffee lighter in order to highlight the full character of the beans and preserve the natural sweetness and brightness.

Kyoto’s coffee culture is ever-developing, and Style Coffee has added a new layer of depth to the already exuberant city. A must visit if you’re ever in that pat of town!






Kyoto, Japan


Established: 2019

Location: Kyoto, Japan


Instagram: @stylecoffee_kyoto

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