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Steadfast Coffee Brewer

Steadfast Coffee BrewerSteadfast Coffee Brewer

It’s always an exciting time when we get to feature a new coffee dripper on Brew Methods and today is no exception. Introducing the Steadfast Coffee Brewer – a new take on an old classic. Steadfast is a ‘wedge’ or ‘pocket’ style coffee dripper (which we’ve seen very little of in recent years) and everything about is scientifically engineered with intent.

Designed by certified coffee fanatic and owner of South Korean-based specialty coffee company NOTHIN Coffee, Hyunjun Kim has spent the past 15 years problem-solving as an RF circuit designer at Samsung Electronics and has now merged his two passions by designing a coffee brewer that tackles the most obvious, yet illusive of coffee brewing obstacles; reproducibility and thermal stability.

Steadfast Coffee Brewer Inner WallsInner wall structure of Steadfast Coffee Brewer

Forged from the finest quality (SUS304) stainless steel, Steadfast reaches optimum brewing temperatures in a matter of seconds and retains heat in the slurry incredibly well due to a combination of materials; metal and leather. The metal heats very quickly due to its high number of ‘free’ electrons (meaning heat transfer is quick) while the leather provides insulation and a luxurious grip which easily snaps into place via the sleeves’ in-built magnet.

Extraction is enhanced through a simple physical property of water called capillarity. The dripper features 32 internal ribs which widen towards the bottom of the brewer, in concert with the single 5mm hole (which sits on a precise 31° slope in the centre of the brewer), Steadfast creates a drag effect, pulling the coffee down faster than gravity could alone.

Steadfast Coffee Brewer RidgesInternal ridges

Steadfast’s production has been guaranteed thanks a to very successful Makuake campaign (Japan’s largest crowd-funding platform) which exceeded the project’s target goal by more than 1000% and was backed by over 180 people.
The Steadfast Coffee Brewer is now making the rounds in Australia, the US, and Europe with applications pending for distributors and re-sellers. 

Hyunjun Kim was kind enough to send us a sample which we have very much enjoyed using. The coffees were incredibly clean which we can attribute to its metal material. We found it complements coarser grind settings, particularly for lighter roasts which we love here in Melbourne. Our extraction times varied from 2:30 to 4:00 minutes, depending on the grind size, dose, and roast profile. 

Steadfast Coffee Brewer Leather BandLeather band

“What’s the long-term mission for Steadfast?”, we asked Hyunjun. “Fast fashion and throw-away consumer products have taken over the world, we don’t want to contribute to that, instead we want to create high quality, sustainable products that last a lifetime”, he said.

A coffee server and drip pot is also on the horizon for the company, as well as a Version Two brewer which is aimed at Nordic-style coffees (light roasted coffee). We look forward to seeing Steadfast’s fan base grow around the world, which we have no doubt will happen. 

Below are some links, should you wish to see the campaign or want to do some further reading.

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