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Steadfast Coffee Brewer V2 Swift

Steadfast Coffee Brewer Version TwoSteadfast Coffee Brewer V2 Swift

When Hyunjun Kim embarked on his goal to create a science-backed coffee dripper back in 2020, he didn’t expect he’d be making two iterations for two different markets, but when there’s demand, there’s a way.

For those who’ve been following the Steadfast journey, you may have seen the V1 already, a sleek and minimalist, metal, wedge-shaped dripper with a beautiful brown leather band, but now there’s a new version and while it may look very similar, there are some key differences.

If you haven’t yet seen the Steadfast Coffee Brewer yet, we highly suggest scrolling back a few journal posts to read our in-depth review on the original version where we deep-dive into brewer’s features, abilities, and learn how it all started.

Steadfast Coffee Brewer Version Two Inner WallSteadfast Coffee Brewer V2 Swift Rib System

To recap quickly, the Steadfast Coffee Brewer was developed by Korean-based coffee fanatic and RF circuit designer, Hyunjun Kim. Hyunjun also owns NOTHIN coffee and so designing his own coffee brewer has always been a dream. He brought this dream to life in early 2022 when his crowd-funding campaign for the Steadfast Coffee Brewer exceeded the projects target goal by over 1000%.

Having been met with great enthusiasm by the Korean/Japanese coffee community who typically enjoy dark-roasted coffee, there was high demand for a version to cater for Nordic-style coffees (light-roasted coffee) and we’re amazed at just how quickly Hyunjun delivered.

Steadfast Coffee Brewer Version 2Steadfast Coffee Brewer V2  Black Band

Enter the Steadfast Coffee Brewer V2 Swift, in principle it’s very similar to the V1, it’s made from the same materials; stainless steel (which is a great heat conductor) and leather (which is a great heat insulator) and has the same shape, ‘wedge’ or ‘pocket’ style. The major differences lie in the base, where the geometry is now slightly askew, pun intended.

Unlike the V1, the V2 Swift—as the name implies, is built for speed. You’ll find a significantly larger drain hole and a much steeper slope to assist with flow. Together, with the dripper’s revised internal rib system (with deeper grooves) boosts capillarity even more, meaning brewed coffee gets dragged down faster than gravity could-do alone. 

Steadfast Coffee Brewer Version Two BaseSteadfast Coffee Brewer V2 Base

We’ve been experimenting and comparing recipes using both brewers and there are indeed some significant differences. Using a 16:240g brew ratio, we saw an on-average 48 second difference in brew time which only increased with a bigger dose. That’s pretty big. Not only has this affected flow, but it’s also changed the way the coffee extracts and therefore tastes.

Overall, we’re finding more brightness, structure, and clarity of flavour notes using the V2 Swift. It’s definitely more adept to lighter-roasted coffees and is even quite comfortable with a finer grind size, which was a huge handicap with its predecessor. While its stainless-steel construction has from an aesthetic view remained mostly the same, the new V2 offers a luxurious natural black leather band which we find looks accord with much of our current kit. It’s also scratch and water resistant, and has additional insulation in the middle to further help with temperature stability.

Suffice it to say, it’s definitely met the mark on targeting Nordic-style coffees and we expect fans will also be pleased. The new Steadfast Coffee Brewer V2 Swift will officially be available for purchase in late December and with production already complete, you won’t have to wait long to get one.

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