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Ozer Sedat Kaffa

Ozer Sedat Kaffa

Ozer Sedat Kaffa

Ozer Sedat Kaffa

Ozer Sedat Kaffa phone app

Ozer Sedat Kaffa

Ozer Sedat Kaffa

Ozer Sedat Turkish Coffee

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A modern take on a timeless classic. Sedat Ozer’s KAFFA combines beauty, form, and function—retrofitting a 500-year-old brew method for the 21st century.

Modelled after the traditional Cezve or Ibrik coffee pot, KAFFA brews customary Turkish coffee without the need for fire or hot sand. A portable and rechargeable power bank heats coffee quickly via conduction, providing unparalleled brewing freedom.

Variables such as temperature and time can be completely optimised by connecting to the mobile phone application, which also features a range of automated brewing options such as quick brew, embers brew, and foamy.

The reimagined Turkish coffee-maker is a personal project of Sedat Ozer, who runs a multidisciplinary design studio based in Istanbul, Turkey. The project remains yet a concept, but with enough public interest could one day come to fruition.

Sedat is currently seeking expressions of interest for an investor, please get in touch. This product is prohibited for reproduction without prior expressed written consent from Ozer Sedat. 



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