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Sam Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasting company and series of boutique cafes in the historic Iranian capital of Tehran. Being one of the first to introduce specialty coffee to the old city, Sam Coffee Roasters was a key player in pioneering the third wave movement to the predominately tea-drinking nation.

Opening a roastery was never the plan for Mohsen Majidikhah, but following his success in the management and launch of a newly constructed Mall in Tehran, Mohsen slowly developed a passion for business and people. Having had a keen interest for coffee as well, he decided to merge his two loves and established Sam Cafe in 2013.

Fast forward to 2020, Mohsen has opened a further four locations across Tehran and acquired a roasting space and warehousing facility to take care of his own supply. Over the years, he has rejoiced in watching people embrace the culture of specialty coffee, refined food, and congregating over chatter on their social tables.

“Our six-year effort has given us a sweet sense of fulfillment accompanying the profound bitterness of coffee”

— Mohsen Majidikhah

We absolutely love this story, it’s true testament of the power of coffee and its ability to connect people. Sam Coffee Roasters is still open for business despite the havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked on Iran. Continue the amazing effort Mohsen, and we hope to see you one day for a cup of your amazing coffee!






Tehran, Iran


Established: 2013

Location: Tehran, Iran


Instagram: @samcoffeeroasters

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