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Pure Over

Pure Over

When it comes to pour-over coffee, there’s no shortage of drippers and filtration devices available. From simple drip cones to sophisticated variable speed ‘smart’ brewers, there’s a never-ending list of coffee kit for enthusiasts to geek out over for days on end. But a new contender has emerged and we hear it’s making quite a splash. Meet Pure Over, the all glass coffee pour-over system. Live right now on Kickstarter.

Yes you heard that right, it’s made entirely out of glass – hand blown scientific-grade borosilicate glass to be precise. Created and designed by Portland-based glass artist Etai Rahmil and his team. Etai has been blowing and sculpting glass objects for years and after six months of prototyping he’s finally ready to unveil his innovative coffee pour-over system.

How does it work?


Pure Over brews with just coffee and glass. It uses a process called cake-filtration to filter out the coffee – a system whereby the coffee grounds act as the filter themselves. A diffuser which sits on top of the dripper helps regulate flow and gently disperse water over your coffee grounds, it then brews and passes through a fine set of holes and into your carafe or favourite mug.

Unlike paper which filters out a lot of the oils and good stuff, Pure Over offers pure flavour – allowing your coffee to shine the way it should. The result is a bold, complex cup of coffee that is surprisingly clean. The team at Pure Over like to call it ‘chewy’.

There are four moving parts altogether; a ceramic base for when not in use, a glass diffuser, a glass dripper, and a glass stirrer. You can brew on just about any one of your favourite carafes or mugs – but you can also purchase one of their beautiful Pure Over mugs if your heart desires. 


How can I get one?


Pure Over is currently live on Kickstarter. It soared passed its original pledge goal of $10,000 in just a few hours and has already amassed 3,300 backers – but don’t worry there are plenty of early bird specials still available!

We’d just like to disclaim that we are an affiliate with Pure Over which means that if you purchase with this link, we’ll make a small commission. There is no extra charge to you in doing so. This small incentive helps us continue supporting great companies like Pure Over and cover some of the costs associated with running our website.

Click here to get yours!

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