Ni Wares Bouba

Proudly presenting the the Ni Wares Bouba, a thoughtfully designed sensory cup by Canberra-based coffee extraordinaire Hany Ezzat.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese term “Ni,” meaning number two, the Ni Bouba cup showcases an innovative dual-lipped design, offering a personalised sensory experience with every sip.

On one side, the cup features a thinner lip, engineered to accentuate the vibrant, delicate fruit notes in your coffee. On the opposite side, a slightly thicker lip enhances the intensity, texture, and sweetness of your brew.

A cleverly placed dimple at the cup’s base prevents sediment from settling and enhances the aeration of your coffee, ensuring a clean and delightful finish.

Designed for a deeply intimate coffee experience, the Ni Bouba is both heavy and thick-walled, allowing for comfortable handling without the heat being overwhelming. It’s finished in a serene pink hue, which subtly elevates the perceived sweetness of your coffee.

This is, without a doubt, one of our favourite coffee cups and we know you’re going to love it!


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400ml capacity / 1 – 2 cups
Made from high quality porcelain

Light pink gloss finish 
Weight: 385g
9.7cm (h) thick lip side x 9.4cm (h) thin lip side x 9.7cm (w)
Handwash only
Designed in Australia / Made in China


Weight 480 g


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