Cafec Abaca Plus Filter Paper

Introducing the Cafec Abaca Filter Plus, an exceptional evolution of the beloved Abaca Filter. With the incorporation of cutting-edge ‘fine-grain’ technology, this alternative iteration takes your coffee experience to new heights. By reducing the gap between each pore, the filter achieves a remarkably even surface, optimizing flow and liquid permeability like never before.

True to the heritage of the classic Abaca range, the Cafec Abaca Filter Plus is crafted entirely from 100% FSC-certified non-wood materials. Derived from the natural leaf fiber of the Abaca plant, also known as Manila Hemp, this sustainable resource hails from a species of banana tree found in the Philippines. As an FSC-certified product, it upholds the principles of responsible forest management and is free from bleaches, glues, chemicals, or any artificial elements.

Renowned by coffee professionals as one of the world’s best coffee paper filters, the Cafec Abaca Filter Plus sets a new standard of excellence. 


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100 sheets per pack
FSC (Forst Stewardship Council) certified

100% Manila Hemp
Compostable and Biodegradeable
Made in Japan


1 Cup, 2 Cup

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