Cafec Abaca Filter Paper

Experience unparalleled brewing excellence with Cafec’s revolutionary Abaca Filter Paper. Esteemed by coffee professionals worldwide, this exceptional filter combines outstanding performance while championing eco-friendly materials.

Crafted from naturally grown leaf fiber sourced from the Phillipines, Abaca filters bear the FSC certification ensuring responsible production. Free from any bleaches, glues, chemicals, or unnatural additives, they offer a pure and untainted brewing experience.

Cafec employs an innovative technique to produce these filters, incorporating a two-side crepe feature, enhancing air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity.

Compatible with many of your favourite cone-shaped coffee drippers including the Cafec Flower Dripper, Hario V60, Origami, Kono, and more.


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x100 filters per pack
FSC (Forst Stewardship Council) certified

100% Manila Hemp
Compostable and Biodegradeable
Available in 1-cup and 2-cup sizes

Made in Japan

Weight 83 g

1 Cup, 2 Cup


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