AeroPress Coffee Maker

Level up your coffee game with one of the greatest hybrid coffee makers ever made, the Aeropress Coffee Maker. This unique brewing device combines convenience, simplicity, and unrivaled versatility. At the heart lies a simple yet effective design consisting of two main components, a cylindrical chamber and plunger. Together, these components work to extract coffee by forcing air to push water through ground coffee – aptly named the AeroPress.

The possibilities and methods for how you brew are endless with styles ranging from espresso-like shots, immersion and drip coffee, and even cold brew. Every AeroPress pack comes with everything you need to get going including paper filters + holder, stirring paddle, dosing funnel, and a bean scoop. Join the league of the greats and become an AeroPress champion today!


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Latest model AeroPress
BPA Free
350 AeroPress filter papers included
Comes with stirring paddle, bean scoop, dosing funnel, paper filter holder
Brews up to 300ml
Weighs 230g
Size: 14 x 11 x 10cm

Weight 400 g


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