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Manual Espresso

Flair Pro Guide
By Flair Espresso

A step by step guide to using the Flair Pro by our good friends from Flair Espresso. Definitely one to watch if you’re considering buying one of these!

Rok Espresso guide
Otten Coffee

A fantastic guide to using the new Rok Espresso maker by our good friends at Otten Coffee. It also includes the use of the frother to make milk based coffees!

Flair Pro 2 Overview
By Prima Coffee Equipment

Super detailed overview of the Flair Pro 2, and how to use it with legends from Prima Coffee. If you’re serious about your espresso, then you need to watch this!

Rok with designer Patrick
By Rok Espresso

Nobody better to learn from than the designer of the Rok Espresso himself. Watch Patrick’s guide on making a double espresso with the Rok!

Flair Espresso with Ryora Takashima
Ryoya Takashima

Disclaimer: You may love this video, and you may hate it; nonetheless, it’s very well made and certainly demonstrates the abilities of the Flair Espresso maker. Thank you Ryora for sharing this with us.

First look review: Flair Espresso Maker
By James Hoffmann

The ever insightful and entertaining James Hoffmann takes a first look at the Flair Espresso Maker. It isn’t so much a guide as most of our featured videos on are, but it definitely is worth the watch if you’re considering spending money on a manual espresso maker.

ROK Espresso guide
TV by Tom

A very detailed guide to using the ROK espresso maker. Tom also demonstrates his stovetop milk frother which he uses to make cappuccinos. You’ll definitely enjoy this and learn a lot from the video. For those not interested in the introduction, skip to 10:00 minutes. Enjoy!

The Little Guy with Craig
By The Little Guy

The founder of The Little Guy Craig demonstrates the abilities of his awesome little coffee maker. This is one serious coffee machine!

Aram Coffee Maker Tutorial
By Aram

A really neat guide to using the Aram Coffee Maker by the makers themselves. Being a Brazilian product, this video is in Portuguese but is definitely worth the watch. We highly rate the Aram Coffee Maker!

Wacaco Nanopress Demo
By Wild Camper

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a the coolest portable pocket Espresso Maker ever. He’s a how-to guide by an avid user. Enjoy!

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