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French Press

By James Hoffman
The best recipe ever!

We absolutely love James Hoffman, and we absolutely love this guide. It’s practical, it makes sense, and it’s sludge free! It’s the ultimate guide!

By Treasures and Travels
3-cup recipe

A simple DIY on how to make coffee with a French Press. This recipe will make three cups of coffee and follows a 1:16 ratio. Quick and easy!

By FrenchPressCoffee.com
The Basics

A fantastic little guide by the good folk which follows a 1:15 ratio, you really can’t go wrong! 

By MistoBox
1L Recipe

A really well made, informative guide to by our friends from MistoBox. This recipe makes just short of 1L of coffee – great if you’re entertaining!

By Sump Coffee
Immersing coffee

A neat old guide by our bearded friend from Sump Coffee with plenty of good notes to take. The video rolls over to a Clever dripper guide, by all means stay tuned!

By Tim Wendleboe
French Press and Kokekaffe

An absolutely fantastic guide by coffee legend Tim Wendleboe. Also featured in this video is the Kokekaffe  brewing method which in theory is a very similar to plunged coffee. Lots to learn here!

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