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By RealCrisBaca
Chris Baca’s tutorial

Coffee legend Chris Baca’s guide to brewing on the Clever Dripper. One of our favourite guides online. Chris Baca is an awesome guy and an absolute coffee veteran. He’s done a tonne of reviews and knows his stuff! You’ll love this one.

By Atria Creative
Paul’s Clever guide

Paul of Elemental Coffee shows us how they brew with this very intuitive brewer. This video tutorial is simple, easy and will yield great results. Give it a try!

By CoffeeBreak
Berg Wy’s sauna method

2016 World Barista Champion Berg Wu shares a really interesting recipe which he calls the Sauna Method. The method involves three pours with three different temperatures. Check it out!

By Mr. Espresso
Clever Drip brew guide

A very neat and detailed brew tutorial by Craig Batory from Mr. Espresso. Super informative with lots of captions, it’s a great guide – enjoy!

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