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By Onyx Coffee Lab
Dylan Siemens – Chemex tutorial

A fantastic, systematic brew guide by 2017 US Brewer’s Cup Champion Dylan Siemens. Well explained, and easy to follow. 

By Atria Creative
Chemex by Elemental Coffee

Great little brew guide by the friendly folk at Elemental Coffee guide, covers all the essentials. Following a 1:13 ratio, this recipe is fairly strong. If it’s too strong for you, adjust by either using more water, or a coarser grind.

By Sump Coffee
3 Cup recipe

Another great guide by our bearded friend from Sump Coffee, as part of their 5 video series. Very informative and thorough, this guide uses a pulse pour method and follows a brew ratio of 1:14 with coarsely ground coffee.

By Insight Coffee Roasters
Vortex recipe

A quick little vortex recipe for the by Insight Coffee Roasters. By creating a vortex, or whirlpool motion within the slurry, you are encouraging coffee to stick to the walls of the Chemex, creating a bowl shaped coffee bed. This signifies an even extraction and steady flow rate.

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