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Brewing excellent coffee is a complex task, there are many variables at play, and while we’ve become quite good at understanding most of them—we have—to a degree neglected one of the most important – the water.

It wasn’t up until a few years ago that we really started to consider the mineral content of water, and how it can affect the flavour of coffee. Perhaps we’re a little bit behind on the topic, but have no fear – we’re catching up. 

Paving the path to a more resolute understanding is three time UK Barista Champion Maxwell Calonna-Dashwood, and Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Christopher H. Hendon

In 2015, Maxwell and Christopher co-authored the book ‘Water for Coffee’ (highly recommended read), which finally shed some much-needed light on the topic.

Drawing on from their knowledge, last year they took it a step further and released Peak Water – a water filter jug, specifically designed to optimise water for coffee brewing. 

Tap water varies greatly from city to city, Peak Water was designed to turn any tap water into ideal coffee brewing water – and it’s incredibly simple. The unique design utilises a gravity-fed bypass with variable settings, allowing you to decide which minerals to filter out.

From receiving the package – the process involves just 3 simple steps.

  1. Test your tap water
  2. Adjust your dial
  3. Brew

Peak had a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, most pre-orders have already made it to their news homes. Peak is now available to the public from their website, or from your local distributor/reseller.

There’s no easier way to enjoy delicious, environmentally friendly coffee, anywhere in the world. Head to their website to learn more!





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