Origami Flavour Cups

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Origami Flavour Cup


Unearth a personalised coffee adventure with the Origami Flavour Cups. 

Intentionally designed to heighten and enhance specific notes in your brew, you can tailor your sensory journey by choosing from with three distinct styles: Pinot, Aroma, Barrel.

“When making these cups, we experimented with different shapes and evaluated how the flow of coffee can affect our perception of taste. We ended up with three distinctive styles; Aroma, Pinot, Barrel”. 

— Yasuo Suzuki


Featuring a wide base and a tapered neck, its an aromatic experience like no other. Sitting high on your lip, coffee is directed to the rear and sides of your tongue for an exquisitely harmonious acidic profile.

The Pinot cup resembles wine tasting glasses; its thin walls accentuate the aroma and flavor, while its flared rim allows coffee to gently pass across all parts of the tongue for optimal flavor perception.

Resembling a wine barrel, it’s oval shape adds perfect harmony to all attributes. Sitting low on your lip, it encourages coffee to flow to the front of your tongue for an even-keeled, polished tasting experience.

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