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Origami Flavour Cups

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Origami Flavour Cup


Introducing the Flavour Cup Range by Origami Japan.

The Origami Flavour Cups have been specially designed to enrich the characteristics in your coffee. Exquisite curvature helps retain the fragrances in your cup, while drawing out the original charm. A handle-less design brings you even closer, indulging your sense of touch for a fully immersive coffee experience. 

“When making these cups, we experimented with different shapes and evaluated how the flow of coffee can affect our perception of taste. We ended up with three distinctive styles; Aroma, Pinot, Barrel”. 

— Yasuo Suzuki


Featuring a trapezium-like shape, the cup sits high on your lip and forces coffee to the rear and sides of your tongue, helping to highlight acidity.

Dubbed the flavour catcher. The Pinot cup has thin walls and a flared rim which allows coffee to coat the entire tongue for maximum flavour perception. 

Shaped like a wine barrel, the cup sits low on your lip and forces coffee to flow to the front of your tongue for maximum flavour balance.





Website: https://origami-kai.com/

Instagram: @origami_cup

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