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Founded by Hernan Prada in 2015, Mule Coffee is an independently owned specialty coffee roastery nestled in Brooklyn’s Navy Yards of New York. Inspired by his Colombian roots, Hernan started Mule with the mission to connect consumer-to-farmer through ethically sourced, sustainable coffee with a keen focus on transparency and education.

Influenced by the West Coast’s coffee culture and mentored by the SCAA, he gained the adequate skills and knowledge to roast each coffee to its optimum development, highlighting the wonderful complexities and characteristics.

Mule Coffee is continuously in search of the most unique coffees from around the world and work with a range of producers from varying countries, regions, and microclimates in order to create memorable experiences and offer a one-of-a-kind coffee selection.

Despite the hardships of 2020, it was a true turning point for Mule Coffee as they shifted their business model from B2b (Business-to-Business) to a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) focusing more on the final customer. In turn, education and design became an important aspect of their identity.

Mule coffee strives to help everyone brew delicious coffee at home mindfully, in a fun and creative way. Fine details in the branding and design allow the customer to trace the story of each coffee and truly connect with it. 

Mule coffee is carefully roasted in small batches to guarantee a personalised, fresh, and artisanal coffee at any time of year. By visiting www.mulecoffee.com or their Instagram @mulecoffee, you can indulge yourself with a farm to cup experience and learn how to prepare coffee with various brew methods. With a diversity of single origins offered every month, you’re sure to find something you love! 






Brooklyn, New York



Established: 2015

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Website: https://www.mulecoffee.com/

Instagram: @mulecoffee

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