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Monogram Coffee

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Monogram Coffee Benjamin and Jeremy

Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company based in Calgary, Canada founded by superstar trio Jeremy Ho, Benjamin Put, and Justin Eyford in 2014. It comes after years of experience in the industry, lots of roasts, competitions, and days behind the bar, that they decided to band together and start Monogram Coffee. 

Having previously worked together at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, they were already well in sync, projecting a unity that was sure to flourish. Fast forward to 2020, and three locations later, they have established themselves as one of the best in the biz. 

The company takes a lot of pride in the relationships they create with their producing partners. Their philosophy is built on community, trust, and support. Personal connections that are not self-serving, but rather meaningful and conscientious. 

This has lead to a coffee portfolio that is not only impressive, but sustainable as well – which is incredibly important in this highly exploited, and marginalised industry. We are incredibly happy to feature Monogram as our roaster of the week. We hope you’ll grab a bag to enjoy, or show them some love on the socials.






Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Established: 2014

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Website: https://monogramcoffee.com/

Instagram: @monogramco

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