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Kruve Sifter

One of the most critical components to brewing delicious coffee is grind size uniformity, but it’s also one of the most challenging. It’s a problem that baristas have been battling for many years. Coffee tech companies have invested millions of dollars trying to improve the quality of their grinders to reduce particle size spread and increase consistency.

A couple of years ago, the team behind Kruve set out to face this problem, but not by making another expensive grinder, instead they came up with a simple, easy, and affordable solution – sieves. The Kruve Sifter is a patented two-tier interchangeable sieving system, that enables users to physically remove unwanted particles to a range that is actually measurable in microns.

The set can be bought with up to 15 sieves, with micron measurements starting from 200um (finest) to 1600um (coarsest). The process is fairly simple – the top sieve will suspend larger particles (boulders), and the bottom sieve will filter out finer particles (fines) – leaving you with a very specific micron range in the middle.

Knowing the micron range of your coffee grounds can be a huge benefit. Not only can you fine tune your recipe to accentuate or mask certain nuances, but you can communicate grind size in much greater detail. This has seen the Kruve Sifter become a very popular tool in barista, and brewing competitions.

As a home user or cafe, it may not be ideal to use everyday as there is a bit of wastage involved – but it’s definitely fun to experiment with and will definitely help you understand how grind size influences cup quality.





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