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Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

Etkin 2-Cup Dripper Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper

The world of coffee is an ever-changing landscape with new and innovative products constantly emerging, however the most exciting ones often come from individuals who are truly passionate and dedicated to their craft. Enter the Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper – a dual-wall porcelain dripper that flawlessly combines functionality and practicality with a unique charm.

This exciting product is currently live on Kickstarter, and is the brainchild of Michael, Aaron, and Özgür – three professionals who share a common vision: to offer coffee enthusiasts a complete brewing experience that is both convenient and enjoyable.

Of all the coffee drippers we’ve come across over the years, only a handful truly impress us. The Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper, however, is one that checks all the boxes, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce it to you.

For starters, it’s crafted from porcelain (Turkish porcelain to be precise) – our preferred brewing material. Time and time again, we’ve found that porcelain brings out a unique elegance in coffee that’s hard to capture with other materials, and with the Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper’s dual-wall design, heat loss is minimal and handling is a breeze.


Etkin 2-Cup Dripper with glass carafe

It’s a flat-bottom dripper that’s focused on quick flow-rate. We all know how important flow rate is and how detrimental stalling or choking can be on the brew. The Etkin looks to solve this problem with a unique ridge pattern which keeps your paper filter slightly elevated, leaving ample room for uninhibited flow.

That’s already plenty to be excited about, but perhaps what we love most is that every aspect of Etkin’s supply chain is kept local and completely transparent. It is designed, prototyped, and produced all within a 200km radius. Istanbul-based MODESIGN did the 3D Modeling and prototyping. Cansu Merdemert hand-drew the illustrations and designed the packaging. Güral Porselen in Kütahya is their porcelain manufacturing partner. There’s nothing we love more than supporting local business and we’re so impressed with the work ethic of the team behind the Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper.


Where can I get one?

As we mentioned, it’s currently live on Kickstarter so now’s your chance to score some early bird specials and be one of the first in the world to own one of these beautiful drippers. They’ve already crushed their initial pledge and with your support they can bring this project to life!

Follow this link to Kickstarter!

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