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Delter Cold Drip

Delter Cold Drip

Just 18 months after the release of the Delter Coffee Press, the creators are back at it again with another invention – The Delter Cold Drip.

If you’ve ever brewed coffee with a cold drip, you’ll probably agree its biggest draw back is the drip valve. As sophisticated as it once was, it’s become quite apparent over the years that it’s not very efficient. It’s extremely temperamental and requires constant re-adjusting to maintain a steady drip rate. This leads to inconsistent extractions, and unpredictable flavour profiles.

The new Delter Cold Drip promises to fix this problem in a very simple way – by removing the drip valve all together. Rather, the team at Delter Coffee have come up with a unique multi-layered tray system, that will automatically drip at approximately one drip per second, for the entire duration of your brew. Just set and forget – goodbye drip valve!

How it works

Delter Cold Drip Trays

Delter Cold Drip trays

The reason why conventional drip valves are so inconsistent is because of the drop in pressure as water levels in the reservoir begin to empty. So to combat the loss of pressure, Delter have created a multi-level system of smaller, shallower trays. Each tray holds approximately 200 grams of water, and has a small pin sized hole that will simultaneously drip, keeping the bottom tray full. This means the drip rate over the ground coffee will remain constant until the very last drop.

The process is really simple – just add your favourite freshly ground coffee to the coffee basket, place your first tray on to the tower and fill up to the 200 ml line. Repeat this process until all trays have been filled, and place your lid on top. Brewing takes approximately 3 – 4 hours (depending on your coffee) and makes up to five cups of coffee. Unlike other cold drippers, you can be confident that your drip rate will not change, and that the delicious recipe you made today, will be repeatable tomorrow. 

How do I get one?

Just like the Delter Coffee Press, the Cold Drip has been taken to Kickstarter for crowd funding. It has already surpassed its original pledge of $15,000 by over $45,000 – it’s only been a few days! Compared to other cold drip coffee makers on the market, the Delter is very affordable and it’s even cheaper now with the Kickstarter discount. Be sure to get in quick before they’re all gone.

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