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December Dripper

December Dripper Brew Methods

December Dripper

december dripper brew methods

The December Dripper is a variable-speed flat bottom coffee dripper, co-designed by Nicholas Cho, and Lee Young Min in 2017.

A rotating gasket at the base of the dripper allows you to turn the head; reducing, increasing, or stopping the rate of flow. This facilitates a plethora of brewing possibilities and enables users to negate grind size as a means to achieving their target brew time.

The concept was first conceived by Nick, which he then showed to his friend Lee Young, who helped bring the project to life. Both Nick and Lee Young have prolific careers in the specialty coffee industry.

Nick, founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee has served on the SCA board of directors and was heavily involved in the progression of barista competitions across the US. He is the fore-founder of the WCE Brewer’s Cup coffee competition.

Lee Young is the founder of CBSC International in Seoul, and has coached, trained, and mentored barista champions and competitors throughout Asia. He is the developer of World Latte Art Battle platform, and served as a volunteer for SCA Europe.

The December Dripper is a culmination of years of experience, passion, and refinement in the craft of brewing coffee. This has seen it grow a steady fan base all around the world, and become a popular choice for baristas in brewing competitions.

A coffee tool that can bring a great deal of joy and edge to your morning routine. If you’ve had the pleasure of using one, you’ll know it means business.





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