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Connected Coffee

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Connected Coffee

Connected Coffee

Connected Coffee is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise in specialty coffee that’s changing lives, one cup of coffee at a time. While the six billion people that don’t live in poverty drink over two billion cups of coffee per day, there’s almost a billion people that live in poverty, and there’s glaring gaps in equality.

What if every single cup of coffee that was consumed each day, could contribute to making a positive, life-changing impact for those in need? Connected Coffee is committed to making those changes, and are donating 100% of their profits directly to projects and causes that help end poverty, and close gaps of inequality.

We are incredibly proud to endorse this organisation, and you can bet that the coffee tastes great! Every purchase you make has an impact, and you can see it via their ‘track your impact’ map on their website. For more information on the causes, charities, and NGO’s they contribute to, and how to make a purchase – head to their website. 






April, 2020

Brisbane, Australia



Established: April, 2020

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Website: https://connected.coffee/

Instagram: @connectedcoffee_

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