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Birdman's Home Coffee Dripper white

Birdman's Home Pour Over white top

Birdman's Home Cups Ivory Charcoal

Birdman's Home Cups Charcoal

Birdman's Home Coffee Dripper black

Birdman's Home Pour Over set black

Birdman's Home Tumblers Black Ivory

Birdman's Home Tumblers Range

Birdman’s Home is a small, family-run pottery studio in Krakow, Poland, owned and operated by Husband and Wife – Tanya and Vasily. Together, with the aid of their precious daughter Taisia, they create stunning, simple-form stonewares to suit your favourite, everyday experiences in your home.

Their range of products include coffeewares, bowls, plates, pots, and much more. Their choice of firing material is high-heat clay which gives a strong, long-lasting finish. Natural textures and warm coloured glazes invoke a sense of biophillia that make their products unique and incredibly desirable.

We have been obsessing over their range of cups, tumblers, and coffee drippers since we first discovered them in December, 2018. So it is with great pleasure to have them as our featured on our website. We hope you feel the same way about them!



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