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Ankomn Turn-n-Seal

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Ankomn Turn-n-Seal cannister

Ankomn Turn-n-Seal cannister coffee beans

Ankomn Turn-n-Seal coffee beans

Ankomn Turn-n-Seal cannister

Much like wine, coffee is a volatile substance. As soon as you expose it to air, it’s going to start losing those wonderful aromatics and eventually diminish.

If you spend lots of money on coffee, you want it to last so that you can enjoy it while it’s good. Ankomn Turn-n-Seal vacuum canister is a great solution for keeping your coffee fresher, longer.

By turning the lid left or right, Turn-n-Seal pushes out oxygen and locks in those precious aromatics, slowing down the aging process. The canisters are designed to stack on top of each other and can also be used for any of your favourite food items.

We’ve been using it ourselves for the past few months, and can vouch for it’s awesomeness.

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