Aika Coffee Dripper

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Aika coffee dripper

Aika Coffee Dripper

Aika coffee dripper and stand

Aika coffee dripper white

Aika Objetos Coffee Dripper

Aika coffee dripper wood

Designed and produced by Bruno Morzán in his Argentina-based studio, Aika Objetos. The Aika Dripper is an ode to the timeless craft of pour over brewing, built for the people of Argentina. Born from a desire to connect the opposite ends in the coffee chain.

“In Argentinian, we have a long history of growing and exporting coffee, but we don’t have the rich culture of specialty coffee and sophisticated brewing equipment as seen in the big cities, so we developed this product to bridge these worlds.”

— Bruno Morzán

Aesthetically and conceptually, Aika is a simple object with obvious form and function. Silent, neutral, proportional, and harmonic, understanding that most time spent interacting with Aika is when it’s not in use. An instrument for coffee brewing and an object of admiration, seamlessly blending in with your environment.

Aika stands just over a foot tall assembled on the bench, it’s ready to use and easily cleaned. The perfect entry point for aspiring home baristas. The dripper is cone-shaped with a flat bottom and features a single elongated slit for coffee drainage. It can be used with most single cup wedge-style paper filters.

We’ve taken a big liking for it and we think you might too. You can purchase directly from Aika Objetos website below. Be sure to show them some love on the socials and remember to tag us in your brewing adventures!



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