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ABC – Ambition, Bravery, Curiosity. Central to Russia’s Mother Land, is specialty coffee roasting company ABC Coffee Roasters.

First opened in October 2018, by couple entrepreneur Sergey Rubin, and Designer & Concept Developer Sofia Rasner – Sergey and Sofia took the liberty to merge their two passions for specialty coffee and design, and opened their first flagship cafe in the city center of Moscow.

Today, five ABC outlets can be found in the historic capital, ranging from compact coffee bars, to large and spacious flagship cafes.

State of the art coffee equipment, passionate baristas, and exceptional coffee offerings make for a refined coffee experience. You will find the likes of Slayer Espresso, Goat Story Gina drippers, and Ikawa Pro roasters behind the counters. 

The beans are roasted in partnership with 2019 World Roasting Champion, Arseniv Kuznetsov, roasted in their new Moscow roasting facility.

But even if you don’t care for all the above, ABC takes great pride in simply making you feel at ease, and comfortable in their stunning venues. White spacious rooms are abundant with light, natural raw materials and thoughtful greenery – a much needed retreat in the busy Megapolis.

ABC strives to welcome all with big hearts and open minds. No snobbism – just an honest desire to make you feel good, and embellished in their story for a better world.






Moscow, Russia


Established: 2018

Location: Moscow, Russia


Instagram: @abc.roasters

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