A Trophy for Brewmethods: Australian Brewer’s Cup Championship

Australian Brewer's Cup 2024 FinalistsAustralian Brewer’s Cup Finalists (Hany Ezzat, Thomas Hutchins, Julijan Markovic)

In the ever-dynamic world of coffee, where the grind quite literally never stops, it’s moments like these that remind us why we do what we do. We’re overjoyed to announce that our very own founder, Julijan Markovic, recently took the stage at the ASCACoffee Australian Coffee Championships, returning with a third-place trophy in the Australian Brewer’s Cup Championship. This feat is not just a victory for Julijan but a monumental achievement for all of us at Brewmethods.

Julijan‘s journey back to the competition stage began last year in October, while on an enlightening trip to Colombia and Brazil. There, amidst the lush coffee farms, he found the inspiration to re-enter the competitive coffee scene after a hiatus of four years. Julijan reflected, “I’ve been wanting to get back on the stage for some time, but wasn’t sure about how to deliver my message, and how, if at all it would be received.” It was clear that his experiences at origin had rekindled a fire within.



Australian Brewer's Cup Julijan Markovic

Returning to Australia with a renewed sense of purpose, it was straight to the drawing board. With only two weeks to fine-tune his presentation, the pressure was immense. “When I secured my spot in the competition, I was both excited and anxious. Am I really going to pull this all together? What if I make a fool of myself?” Julijan shared. Despite the challenges, his dedication and hard work paid off with a 5th place finish in the ASCA Top 12 Brewer’s Cup Qualifiers, securing his spot in the semi-final, at the National Championship the subsequent year. 

The National Championship, which ran from February 19 – 23, at the Wool Mill in Brunswick, Melbourne, was a buzzing hive of activity. It became a stage for the nation’s finest coffee talents and a congregation point for ardent coffee aficionados, all eager to witness the mastery of baristas across various disciplines including The Barista Championship, Latte Art, Roasting, Cup Taster’s, and Julijan’s category of choice – the Brewer’s Cup.



Australian Coffee Championship - Julijan Markovic

The semi-final kicked off on February 21st and boy what a spectacle it was. Twelve of the country’s best brewers giving it their all, with only six to advance to the finals. The day was fraught with exhilaration and nerve-wracking anticipation. The announcement of Julijan’s progression to the finals brought immense relief and joy—proof that his hard work was paying off.

However, it was no time to slack-off. The finalists faced a compulsory service round the next day, followed by another open service on Friday, with the cumulative scores determining the ultimate victors. The ensuing days were a blend of relentless practice and sleepless nights.

As the final announcements drew near, the atmosphere was thick with suspense. From an initial pool of 48 competitors, only three were to emerge with trophies, and a single champion would advance to the World Championship in April. “Hearing my name among the final three was beyond surreal,” Julijan recalled, encapsulating the whirlwind of emotions he experienced as he secured his podium spot.



Julijan Markovic - Australian Brewer's Cup Championship

Julijan‘s third-place finish was a moment of pure happiness for us all. Our very own founder has been ranked among the best brewer’s in the country, we’ll forever be proud of that, and we could tell by Julijan’s grin on the podium that he was as well.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the runner-up, Hany Ezat, for his commendable performance, and we cheer on Thomas Hutchins, the back-to-back Australian Brewer’s Cup Champion, as he prepares to represent us in Chicago at the World Championship this April.

Reflecting on his incredible journey, Julijan shared, “This journey has been extraordinary, far exceeding my expectations. I’m profoundly grateful that my message resonated so deeply.”


Australian Coffee Championships


Central to Julijan‘s success was the unwavering support of his team, giving a special mention to his coach, Simon Gautherin. “Having a great team behind me was paramount; my coach Simon Gautherin always kept me in check. I’d be lost without him,” Julijan gratefully acknowledged. This victory is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared passion that drives the coffee community forward.

Looking ahead to 2025, Julijan remains contemplative about competing again. “While I absolutely love competing and my drive to win is now higher than ever, there’s a part of me that yearns to enjoy coffee slowly, at my own pace,” he pondered.

As we reflect on our time at the Australian Coffee Championships, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and fulfilment. It’s been such a wonderful experience, connecting and engaging with the fellow community, and reveling in the thrill of competition. Looking forward to doing it all again next year.



Julijan Markovic - Australian Coffee Championships

Competition Highlights

Julijan used the Orea Open Bottom Porcelain Brewer paired with the Origami Sensory Cup, a combination that played to his advantage, bringing a refined elegance to his brews. He also had a custom Perspex board made for his dosing cups, which doubled as a sleek brewing bench, enhancing his workflow.

Julijan’s approach to the competition was thoughtful, focusing on coffee brewing as an engaging, holistic experience. Beyond the basics, he embraced brewing as a slow, intentional ritual, reflecting his deep passion for the craft.

Julijan’s competition coffee was truly unforgettable, a green tip Gesha sourced from the distinguished Janson Family Estate in Panama. This exceptional coffee, lot 219 from the Janson’s Las Lagunas farm, nestled in the Volcan region, showcased harmonious fusion of terroir, varietal, and processing. Anaerobically fermented in stainless steel tanks for 48 hours and dried on patios and in static dryers over 14 days.



Panama Janson Estate - Lot 219

In celebration of this achievement, we’re excited to offer you the chance to experience the championship coffee that wowed the judges. Packaged in our new ‘Special Reserve’ tins, this coffee promises a unique tasting experience with flavours of blood orange, pineapple, and cola. But hurry, this coffee won’t last long. You can get yours here

As we wrap up this post, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our readers and customers. Your ongoing support fuels our love for coffee, the community, and our pursuit of excellence. Here’s to many more shared moments, stories, and achievements in the coffee world.

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